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  • Professional sound systems

The DJ systems I bring to your event are built with some of the most professional mobile DJ equipment on the market-designed to be rugged, compact, and dependable. And for brides & grooms, even my wireless microphone systems are top of the line to prevent interference and dropouts during your ceremony & reception (which by the way is the single biggest complaint I get from guests who attend other weddings-they can't hear anything that is being said!). I have invested over $28,000 in this wireless technology alone.  My microphone systems are the same kind you see at major concerts and sporting events.  Why?  Because they have to work.  There are no redo's.  In addition, my wireless microphone systems are compliant with FCC (Federal Comminications Commission) digital conversion requirements.  Not all DJ companies are, and may be broadcasting on wireless frequencies illegally at your event.  See videos on my wireless microphone system.




Whether your venue is large or small, it deserves to sound great. Music you can not only hear but really FEEL. How is this done? In a word...subwoofers  (see video for details).  A funny name, but subwoofers reproduce the low frequencies that go unnoticed with typical DJ speakers alone. Most DJ companies cut corners and try to create this kind of feel and energy with two small speakers. To compensate for the lack of full sound, they increase the volume and distortion. I say, "NO WAY!" And here's the important part-that doesn't have to mean louder...just better (think movie theatre). So during the more elegant, quieter parts of your event, you have clean, pleasant, and full sound.  Yet when the party gets going, my systems would rival the sound in most dance clubs.  And every event I'm a part of comes with an entire backup sound system-just in case.

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