Synergy Media™

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Instead of just remembering these moments, capture them with Synergy Media


I have teamed up with Roman Studios to create Synergy Media™.   While Richard Roman is photographing all the important moments of your wedding preparations & ceremony, your wedding interviews & ceremony highlights are being recorded at the same time. Within minutes after the ceremony, the images and actual vows from your wedding are mixed to the music of your choice and played back AT YOUR RECEPTION for a full audio/visual entertainment presentation to your high definition!  You absolutely need to see & hear this unique and emotional experience.  It's more than just a's an experience you and your guests will remember it forever.


Included are High Definition video monitors on elegantly lit trusses for all your guests to view this presentation.  A DVD copy is yours to keep. You can even have a copy of this wedding presentation put on your iPod®, iPhone®...even your favorite show anyone in the world.

Synergy Media™  is available anywhere on the West Coast when you book both

Bass is Loaded! Mobile DJ & Roman Studios

Please contact me for more information. To experience actual examples cick here. You can also learn more about Roman Studios here.


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