Do you have microphones available?

"Couldn't hear the ceremony..."  "Best man's microphone failed..."  "Bride's dad was giving a speech-all you could hear was buzz..."

I get so many comments like this from couples and guests that have attended other DJs' weddings that I decided to build a wireless microphone system that is arguably the best of its kind in the country.  At the time this video was filmed this system was worth $12,000.  Today this is now a $30,000 system-your wedding deserves it! 

Check out how I can broadcast your wedding ceremony from anywhere!

Wondering how your guests will hear every word of your ceremony?  Where will the DJ be set up and how will he get all his stuff moved back to the reception? Watch this video to learn about a system very few DJs in the country can offer.

Going to have a string quartet or other instrumentalists at the wedding?  Check this out!

See how hiring me can benefit your wedding ceremony, even when you are using a string quartet or other instrumentalists for the music.  This is something very few brides & grooms have ever thought of and only a limited number of DJ companies can pull it off.  This allows your special music to be played back and recorded from virually anywhere your musicians perform.

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